The F.E.E.E. Auction for 2002 is now over! Thanks to everyone who contributed items and who bid, we raised over $21,000!

Please follow that link to check it out the winning bids on the items.


Background Information

The Foundation for Excellence in Education in Easton (F.E.E.E.) is a non-profit organization that raises funds for the benefit of the students in the Easton, MA, Public Schools. We are a citizen board formed in 1989 to explore ways to supplement or expand the educational experiences available to Easton's school children at all levels. Our primary focus has been to make available, to all students, access to computer and information technology.

Since our inception we have raised over $300,000 to purchase computers, printers, and software for all of our schools. We have upgraded memory in existing computers to make them capable of running the latest software, and we have sponsored training for teachers and staff in the use and instructional applications of computer technology. Our teacher grant program has, among other things, converted local history photos to CD for student use, funded a literacy resource at the elementary level, and purchased a quilting CD for student use. Our fund-raising efforts made possible the purchase of rolling multimedia computer labs for each of the elementary schools. With your continued support, we will purchase additional computer hardware and software and award additional grants as we try to maximize and equalize students' access to computer technology.

The following provide details about our major purchases for the past two years:

These purchases also enabled systems that had been in the Labs to be redeployed to other schools and classrooms, including the elementary schools.

The 2002 Dinner Dance
Friday, November 8, 2002
Holiday Inn, Mansfield

The Dinner Dance was a huge success, 
with over 500 people attending!

Easton-area Businesses:

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F.E.E.E. Screen Saver and Mousepad

We've now begun a year-round fund-raiser through the sale of an Easton Scenes screen saver for Windows-based computers and an Easton Scenes mousepad for use with any computer.  For details and ordering information, please see our Easton Scenes Screen Saver and Mousepad page.

Questions about FEEE? Send email to, or call the FEEE number at (508) 230-3200, Ext. 408.

FEEE Board Members

Claire Abate
Dawn Boynton
Judith Canty
Lynne Davidner
Peter DiCenso
Kenneth Fernandes (Chair)
Steve Foote
Michael Graff
Kathleen Humphrey
Deborah Lawrence
Kathleen Mabry
Christine Margulies
John Morley
Caroline Mudd
Henry Narsasian
Caroline O'Neill
Wesley Paul
Scott Rancourt
Dr. William Simmons
Dr. Thomas Tullis
Gail Tuominen
Susan Vatalaro
Lee Waxman
Wendy Whitty

The Foundation for Excellence in Education in Easton (F.E.E.E.)
P. O. Box 1042
Easton, MA  02334-1024
Phone: (508) 230-3200, x408
Fax: (508) 238-3563

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